"Do you think I give that much of a damn about my lousy life? For myself, I don’t give a damn if I get executed, or drown, or crash in a plane, or drink myself to death! But there is still a matter of honor in this life! Assassination attempt on Hitler! Ugh! Gott im Himmel! I could have sunk through the floor! And do you think I would have handed Himmler over to the enemy, guilty as he was? Dammit, I would have liquidated the bastard myself!"

Hermann Göring in his Nuremberg Cell (via prisonernumber7)
Hi there. I'm a big WW2 history fan and the Nuremberg Trial is one of my favourite subjects. Thank you VERY much for this blog. I'm so glad I found it!

Thank you very much. We’re glad you enjoy this blog. But the praise is entitled to the blogger ‘Houseofrandom’. She’s working in the last time alone for this blog. :)
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